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Whet Your Appetite for a Summer of Sailing With the Dusseldorf Boat Show

With all the attention on the holiday season, and the seemingly endless wait for the days to get longer and warm temperatures to return, it can be difficult to think about water sports and yachting in Europe. However, the world will once again turn its attention to these industries in January, as The Dusseldorf International Boat Show, which opens on January 18th 2014, will once again be home to some of the biggest names, as well as the latest developments in the boating world.

Catamaran Charter Croatia

Catamaran Charter Croatia

An annual event, the exhibition in Germany has become one of the most important events in the luxury yacht charter industry’s calendar since its introduction in 1969. It is the best place for companies to tempt potential clients with the opportunity to walk aboard a superyacht. It also marks the time when yachting enthusiasts can start to turn their attention once more to the sea and the upcoming European summer season.

Navis Yacht Charter

Navis Yacht Charter

The show boasts so many different events and stalls focusing on the glamorous superyacht industry, that guests will naturally start to think about their own summer holiday plans. Undoubtedly, many will be convinced that a yacht charter in the Mediterranean will be the best way to relax in the warm summer months. After all, what could be better than cruising through the glorious blue waters of the vast sea in the lap of luxury?

Maltese Falcon Sailing Yacht Perini Navi

Maltese Falcon Sailing Yacht Perini Navi

For those who are already dreaming about their summer destination, it could be time to think of something different. A catamaran charter around Croatia, a destination that is ever increasing in popularity, could be one of the best options. Catamarans make for a great boating experience; they are spacious and able to manoeuvre between smaller spaces, something very useful when sailing around Croatia.

Croatia really is the dream location for boating enthusiasts. As it is an archipelago, it has thousands of small, but beautiful, islands to discover, as well as a sea that begs to be swum in. Another attraction is the number of beaches and coves that can be visited, alongside numerous beautiful castles to visit onshore. This is perhaps Croatia’s biggest attraction, as it has the perfect mix of fantastic beaches, beautiful azure sea and interesting onshore cities to visit, that make it a very fascinating place to visit in 2014.


Staying safe on holiday

If you are planning a trip or holiday then take steps to ensure you stay safe wherever you go.

safe on holiday

safe on holiday

Travel insurance will cover you if you suffer an illness or require medical treatment whilst abroad, and there are no win no fee companies such as who can help you should you suffer a personal injury through accident.

However, the best-case scenario is, of course, to not need to use either your insurance or a lawyer so keep yourself as safe and healthy as possible.

Travelling alone can be highly rewarding but also fairly risky. Whether travelling alone or with companions, putting yourself in obviously dodgy situations should be avoided at all costs.

That means walking into areas that are extremely off the beaten track, not covered by guide book maps, hard to get back from or to find. Also, daytime is safer than night, and well-lit public spaces are much more safe than poorly lit or dark, mostly empty areas, alleys and other routes.

Carrying valuables and important documents can be risky, but this can be greatly reduced by never carrying large amounts of cash around, finding a safe or safety deposit box at your accommodation, using travellers’ cheques or credit cards, and not flaunting your relative wealth.

Always use reputable companies when travelling to make sure you get exactly what you pay for. By all means chose independent hotels over big chains but spend some time checking out reviews from other travellers before booking. If you want to sample local cuisine and avoid tourist trap restaurants then go where the locals go.

Observing local customs is very important as a traveller. You may not agree with them but as a visitor to another country you should at least show some respect.

Nobody expects western women to wear a burka when visiting Muslim countries, but there is no need to waltz around in revealing clothing either. A respectful compromise such as covering your shoulders and keeping your skirt lengths respectable is fine.

Before you travel anywhere, spend a little time researching the country you have chosen to visit. You can find out about local customs, read reviews of restaurants and hotels and search out the best travel companies in the area before you go.

Knowledge will help keep you safe and let you have a much better time than wandering around blindly.


Tweet to Stay: How to Use Twitter to Plan Your Vacation

Twitter is a great way to connect with friends and family and learn more about your favorite brands and celebrities. But there’s one thing that Twitter is also great for that most people don’t realize—planning vacations.

Freedom Flying Threw Our Wings (HDR)
Tweet for TravelKuzeytac 

That’s right.  Some people have realized that using Twitter will not only help them plan a vacation, but help them save money too. Here’s how.

Follow the airlines.

Most airlines are on Twitter, and most of them will send out deals to their Twitter followers before making them available to the public. Being able to go to one location to see what all the airlines are offering is also much better than reading through newsletters or visiting the airline’s website or other sites like Orbitz or Travelocity. United Airlines (@UnitedAirlines) offers “twares” to their followers, which are special deals that they only give out via Twitter. American Airlines (@AmericanAir) also sends out plenty of airline package deals through Twitter too. Even Priceline (@TheNegotiator) is on Twitter.

Follow the hotels.

Like airlines, hotels are also on Twitter providing their following with special rates on lodging. Most hotel chains like The Best Western (@TheBestWestern), Motel6 (@motel6) and Holiday Inn (@HolidayInn) are on Twitter providing deals to their followers, but you can always look to see if other hotels or rental agencies that interest you are on Twitter too to help you find the best deal.

Follow the experts.

You can always learn something about traveling from the travel experts. Frommers (@Frommers) is a good travel source for you to follow on Twitter. They may discuss a destination that you didn’t know existed, which may lead you to vacationing there. They may also post pictures that intrigue you or help you learn about things to do in the area of your vacation.

Search your destination.

Twitter Search is a great tool to use while planning a vacation. You can enter in the destination of your vacation and see what others are saying about it. This is a great way to learn about attractions or restaurants to visit in the area, and it can also help you learn about places to stay away from. For example, if you notice that many people on Twitter talk about how dirty one beach was, you know not to waste your time heading to that beach while on vacation.

Search the attractions.

If you plan on attending a certain festival or visiting a certain restaurant while on vacation, make sure to search for these on Twitter too. You may be able to follow the restaurant and earn yourself a great deal, and you may be able to learn tips and tricks on how to best visit the festival.

Tweet while you’re there.

Once your vacation is planned through Twitter, don’t give up on the social network. Stay active on Twitter, especially when you’re on your vacation, and tweet about your experiences. Your hotel may see you tweeting about their facility and give you an upgrade just for the mention. Restaurants may thank you for dining by giving you a free dessert or other perk. And certain attractions may offer you a free ticket. Companies are using Twitter to learn who is visiting their establishments and to thank them for their visit, so keep on tweeting.

The next time you plan a family vacation, make sure to check out all that Twitter has to offer you. You can easily plan your entire vacation in one place, and you may even snag some of the best deals out there.

Julie Myers is a travel agent and avid writer.  She is currently learning Spanish with Glovico.


Top 5 Travel Tips: How to Find Cheap Luxury Holidays

Everyone deserves a little break away from daily life – there’s always that need for a harmonious balance between work and play, and relaxing on sunny shores should definitely be top of your down time ‘to do list’.

Top 5 Travel Tips

Top 5 Travel Tips

Affording that break abroad can seem like a pipedream, but that needn’t be the case. Knowing how to find cheap holidays, where to look and what to book is the answer to your jetsetter dreams.

  1. Book with Direct Holidays

Budget holiday websites, such as Direct Holidays, gather the best deals from trusted, leading name tour operators. This also gives you the freedom to search through deals at your leisure and select the most affordable package for you.

  1. Secure an early bird deal

Plan in advance and book your break as soon as possible. As well as benefiting from the available early bird discounts, you will be able to choose from the widest selection of hotels and holiday packages.

  1. Look out for last minute bargains

Many consider last minute escapes to be the cheapest way to travel. For families and those without flexible working patterns, book your school holidays off work and look online for deals in the six weeks prior to your ideal departure date.

  1. Consider all inclusive

It may cost more initially, but all inclusive can be the most cost efficient board basis for your holiday. Take a look at what you normally spend on the basics while you are away, and seriously consider if all inclusive packages could save you money overall.

  1. Be flexible

Where possible, allow up to seven days surrounding your preferred date of departure, and try not to be picky about the times which you fly. Everyone prefers a morning flight, meaning that late afternoon and evening departures can often save you a small fortune.

Book with Direct Holidays for the cheapest stint in the sun, without any sacrifices.


Luxury Travel Deals In Sydney

Sydney, Australia is becoming an increasingly popular tourist destination, making it easier to find luxury travel deals. Because it can be expensive to travel to Australia, many are taking advantage of these deals to have the vacation of a lifetime.

Lighting The Sails, Vivid Sydney 2011

Sydney, Opera HouseChristopher Chan

If you’re considering a family vacation, honeymoon, or just a getaway, consider visiting this beautiful city and experiencing the Australian culture at its finest. You’ll find yourself in a wonderful mix of metropolis, small town, and Oceanside city, all in one. With so much to offer, you’ll never lack for entertainment or relaxation. Read more


Vienna, Austria

Vienna tours by bus for only 299 Euros. 4 days/3 nights, 3 stars hotel with breakfast included. Tour in Schoenbrunn included in price. 2 DAYS LEFT ONLY.

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