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Exploring Canada’s West Coast

Canada’s West Coast is a land of mountains and sweeping ocean vistas. If the beautiful scenery on offer doesn’t make you want to take a road trip, then nothing will. Although ‘Western Canada’ refers to the four Canadian provinces West of Ontario (Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba and British Columbia), in reality, when you talk of the West Coast, you are talking exclusively of British Columbia, from the border with Washington State and the US in the South, to Alaska in the North.

Big Exit

Vancouver Island ecstaticist 

Any West Coast odyssey should begin here, in Vancouver, the city on the water, flanked by the mountains, and famed for its laid back culture.

Vancouver Island
One of the best options from Vancouver is to take a driving tour around Vancouver Island. Here you can spend some time getting back to nature, and enjoying some frontier scenery. Vancouver Island is home to the capital of British Columbia, Victoria, as well as Vancouver Island national park. Depending on the time of year of your trip, it is possible to see Orcas, as well as Caribou and even bears on Vancouver Island. The benefit of this road trip is that it is a large loop, making car hire cheaper, as well as fly-drives. You can begin and end in Vancouver or Victoria and spend some time getting to know Canada’s cities as well as its beautiful flora and fauna.

Hot Springs
Another popular road trip in British Columbia is the Hot Springs road trip in the southern part of the province, near the border with Alberta. Here the Canadian Rockies produce beautiful mountain scenery, and the hot springs bubbling up in the region allow you to take a dip in naturally warm water. This is more of a wild road trip, with few towns on the route. This makes it ideal for a summer trip, perhaps in an RV or even with a tent.

Great Northern Circle
By far the most dramatic road trip to take is the ‘Great Northern Circle’ route, which takes in British Columbia’s rugged northern wilderness. This trip is perfect if you are a fisherman, with some stunning rivers that make catching salmon and other large fish a spectacular activity. This is a road trip that should be enjoyed for a longer period, and so a week at least is required to get to grips with this journey. Read more


Tips to Make the Most of a Weekend Away

In a world of constant work and worry, there is nothing like a weekend away to recharge the old batteries, reconnect with loved ones and simply remember life’s little pleasures.

My Lonely Island - Niijima Coast at Sundown

Weekend AwaySprengben [why not get a friend] 

Whatever your reason for a weekend away, these tips can help you maximize fun while minimizing stress so you can return home fresh and ready to take on the world again Monday morning.

Book Ahead to Save Money and Potential Headaches
Much can be said for spontaneity, but the time constraints of a weekend away mean that booking ahead is a much less stressful option. Not only are the best deals on transportation and lodging found prior to the day of departure, travellers can take comfort knowing they are getting the most safety and comfort for their dollar by checking out travel review sites before they depart for vacation. No one wants to spend hours driving around a strange city looking for a hotel with vacancies only to find themselves eaten alive by bedbugs or sleeping on filthy mattresses. There is peace of mind knowing that you will be sleeping somewhere safe and comfortable and it feels great to know that you got an amazing deal.

Plan Activities in Advance
It is usually a bad idea to overbook a weekend getaway because too much activity will leave you feeling drained rather than refreshed when you get back home. Nevertheless, a few fun outings will enrich your experience and make lasting memories. Make sure you have done your research before you leave home. Some restaurants require advance reservations and many shows sell out weeks before your arrival. Many excursions are more affordable with coupons easily printed from websites which means more money you can spend on souvenirs or meals out together. The worst case scenario is a couple or family bickering on a street corner about where to go next and wasting precious time, so make sure you have a schedule which considers everyone’s interests at the outset. All parties are less likely to complain when they know their special part of the trip is coming up soon.

Trust Your Prep Skills and Live in the Moment
Spend the week leading up to your getaway making preparations. Get packed early and arrange to leave work as early as possible and plan to return home late. A weekend getaway is no place to handle business or field constant work calls. Spend your time enjoying life and reconnecting with loved ones. Work will still be there when you get back home! Read more


Most Luxurious Holiday Destinations

After a long, dreery UK summer, most of us are looking forward to a week in the sun. Sadly, budgets don’t always stretch to the white sandy beaches of the Caribbean or the bustling streets of New York, but if you are organised enough to have been saving hard for your dream luxury destination, here are a few suggestions that will fit all of your needs.

The Maldives

Located in the heart of the Caribbean, The Maldives boasts white, sandy beaches and clear blue oceans- and there is plenty to do which doesn’t involve lying on the beach all day. If you love water sports, you can choose from water skiing, canoeing, sailing and even rafting on most tourist beaches. Travel to Mal e- the capital city – for a high end shopping experience or sip wine on the deck of one of the many boat cruises organised for you by your holiday resort or hotel.


MaldivesHani Amir 

Many people choose this sunshine blessed location for their honeymoon as it provides a relaxing and beautiful setting to chill out after the stresses of planning a wedding. Stay at the Kanuhura resort for a unique, luxury experience. You can stay in a bespoke villa hand built from wood, raffia and bamboo. It’s like your own slice of paradise on a secluded island. Perfect!

Sri Lanka

It might not be the first place you would think of when choosing your dream holiday location. But with its multi coloured Buddhist flags and multicultural collection of fruits, meats and spices, it is the perfect place to while away the hours. Read more


Avoid Common Assumptions About An All Inclusive Holiday

There is no denying that all-inclusive holidays are incredibly popular, probably more so than ever before. In these harsh economic times cost-effective spending is essential for families working to a strict budget. Therefore, it is no wonder that the prospect of a holiday with everything included is going to appear enticing.


All Inclusive HolidayVox Efx 

However, despite people being made aware of most of the costs ahead of embarking on the trip itself, there are still some pitfalls holidaymakers tend to forget in relation to these types of package deals.

While an all-inclusive package holiday allows families to stick to a budget without having to worry too much about spending on too many additional items, a note of caution is needed when booking such a holiday.

It is very important to read what is actually included with your ‘all-inclusive’ deal as while local drinks may indeed be unlimited and most food provided for, there may be additional costs to pay for in terms of entertainment, sports and other items.

Even in relation to the food and drink it is worth reading up about exactly what is included as part of your package. The terms and conditions will vary between hotels, therefore if you have booked a standard deal it is necessary to check what you are indeed entitled to – otherwise you could be left with an unexpected – not to mention costly – bill at the end of your holiday.

If you want to ensure that not only do you enjoy your holiday with the family, you also don’t end up paying for the trip many months down the line, you will need to do some research as to the policy of the individual hotel you are staying at – and not just rely on the travel operator for details on this all-inclusive package. Read more


Luxury Tour Giude

When you think of a tour guide, most people think of 20 to 30 people getting off a cramped bus, only to stand in a long line, to hear some old geezer with glasses and clip board boring you with infomation about that particular city or town. I think they know you don’t give a crap either.

Luxury Tour Giude

Luxury Tour Giude

Now compare that to a Luxury Tour Guides, an you will have a totally different experience. For starters, Luxury tours Guides are not for the middle class family that only takes a vacation once a year. Next, they have access to VIP like locations, most of them they are from the area so they have the expertise to navigate through the entire area, and they are at your beck and call, so they are really fexible to what you and your family want to do on your luxury trip. Last, but defitinely not least, they have warm hospitality. They will take care all your accommodations, such as hotel, restaurant reservations, and even sporting evens. For example, the Connoisseur’s France Tour, Cost $7,685 per person and its a 12 day tour that is totally catered to you and your family. Now that’s Luxury.

If you are interested to know what a typical Luxury Tour Guided trip would consist of, well just sit back and let me be your Guide as we walk through 25 different cities and countries around the world.