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How You Can Live With Cheetahs

For my family, we’re always searching new ways to explore the great outdoors. My partner and I often take our children for hikes along trails. While these walks are fun for the family, we were starting to look for new adventures because we wanted to try a unique and thrilling way to experience the outdoors. After considerable research, my partner and I found the perfect solution. A volunteer vacation to beautiful South Africa was the next big adventure for me and my family.

Live With Cheetahs

Live With Cheetahs

Through an accredited volunteer organization, we were able to pick a program that fit the family’s interest. Since we are committed animal lovers and have two house cats, we chose to live with cheetahs. This program connected us with a cheetah sanctuary dedicated to the rehabilitation of these beautiful and vulnerable animals.

As soon as we arrived at the airport, a friendly guide was there to welcome us and drive us to the 10 000 hectare reserve. While en route, he entertained all of our questions with patience (we had a lot!) and made sure to make us feel like we had made the right decision to come to South Africa to help these cheetahs. When we arrived at the sanctuary, we were introduced to the team that would train us and then were given a tour of the wonderful accommodations.

The very next day started with an early morning full of training with the resident veterinarians and handlers, so that we could care for the cheetahs properly and safely. Every guide was especially clear and engaging, and made our security a priority. It made all of us feel very special. I could also tell how dedicated they were to the animals, as they were proud about how their sanctuary was saving cheetahs from poachers. Hunting is a terrible, inhumane act that is illegal in most countries of Africa; however, it is still a huge problem.

Our day-to-day activities include general upkeep of the sanctuary and care of the cheetahs, so we had ample opportunity to interact with these amazing creatures. It’s almost indescribable, our experience. It was such a unique way to see the beautiful South African landscape and to see such magnificent animals. To know that we – while having the time of our lives – were providing essential sanctuary from poachers warmed our hearts.

Since we’ve been back we haven’t stopped talking about how rewarding and interesting our volunteer vacation through Volunteer South Africa was. All of our friends and neighbours know that our next vacation willbe through them again. My whole family has visited their website, and by clicking we learned that this organization provides several different packages that focus on living with different endangered animals. It also provides the opportunity to work with disenfranchised children who are stuck in local hospitals. We’re not quite sure which package we’ll sign up for next, but we know that whatever we choose, we’ll have an amazing time making a real difference in the world.


Taking a Trip to Provence

Provence is a region in the South of France that stretches from the left bank of the lower Rhone River to the west of the Italian border on the east. So beautiful is the region, it was the first province the Romans made their own beyond the Alps. Still a popular tourist destination to this day, here’s what to see and where to go while you’re there.

Must See Attractions

Perhaps the best place to see the remains of the once Roman province is the city of Nimes. The Romans built amphitheatres across the region but the Arena of Nimes is particularly well-preserved example, and use to be home to crowds of 20,0000 chanting for their favourite gladiator or charioteer.

Trip to Provence

Trip to Provence

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A Thrill-Seekers Guide to Morocco

Morocco is a truly enchanting corner of the globe, full of endless surprises and breathtaking sights. However, for those who wish to do more than just admire the scenery, you may be surprised to learn that Morocco has plenty of ‘white knuckle’ potential for thrill seekers to enjoy too. Read more


New Year’s Eve in Sydney: An Experience of a Lifetime

If you’re determined to make the most of your New Year’s Eve celebrations this year, then a trip away might be the solution. There are literally hundreds of destinations worldwide that would provide you with a suitable setting to see in the New Year, one however stands head and shoulders above the rest. Sydney, Australia has now been a popular destination for tourists looking to observe the New Year festivities in the best way possible. Due to the time zone its situated in, Sydney is one of the first major cities in the world to ring in the New Year every January 1st and its stunning beaches, vibrant nightlife and breath-taking architecture are what make it such a perfect setting for the annual celebrations.

NYE in Sydney, Australia
New Year’s Eve in Sydney*vlad* / Foter / CC BY-NC

So if you’d like to head to Sydney to see in the New Year, where are the best spots to take in the festivities?

An Event for Everyone

There are seperate New Year’s parties held in almost every park and open space in Sydney. What’s better still is that most of the events are free, so you won’t expect to pay exorbitant entry fees once you decide on a spot to spend the night. Some parks are designated no-alcohol areas, which you might want to consider if you’re going to be taking young children with you and would rather they weren’t exposed to any possible drunken behaviour. If you’re likely to want a drink, there are also plenty of parks which offer a bring your own policy, meaning budget-conscious revellers can enjoy their New Year’s Eve without worrying about how much their celebrations are costing them.

A Fireworks Spectacular

The signature of the Sydney New Year’s Eve Party is its colossal midnight fireworks display, which announces to the world that this year’s celebrations have begun. Known as one of the most spectacular in the world, the display takes place in Sydney Harbour and gets bigger and better every year. All the parties that were previously mentioned are organised in parks that a specifically chosen for their prime locations, where you will be given a guaranteed unimpeded view of the display. You can even check what your view from each individual park will be like on the official Sydney New Year’s Eve website. If you could attend any fireworks display in the world this New Year’s, you won’t find anything quite like what Sydney has to offer.

Entertainment Galore

Sydney tries to cater for absolutely everyone on New Year’s Eve, so it’s no surprise that the city puts on a varied and exciting line-up of entertainment on the big night so that everyone goes home with smiles on their faces. The events start in the late afternoon and this year revellers will be able to catch an aeronautical acrobatics display, a traditional Aboriginal smoking ceremony, where the harbour will be blessed with coloured smoke to ward away evil spirits. As if that wasn’t all, the city also put on a family fireworks display at 9pm, so families with small children will be able to get a taste of the fireworks before they have to take the kids home to bed. Read more


Some Good Ways for Having Stress Free Vacations

Holidays are an important time of the year that provides an opportunity for family reunions and exploring some new destinations. To have trouble-free vacations, people look for different ways, which can protect them in case of any hidden or unexpected mishap.

Road Accident Compensation

One of the many uncontrollable things is a road accident, which can cause serious health damages, financial hammering and spoil the entire vacations. Road accident compensation gives a relief in such misfortune. Road accident compensation can cover the losses, which are caused by any vehicle and hurt the driver, pedestrian or any other vehicle.

In every situation, where victim is not responsible for the mistake, one can always ask for such type of accident compensation. The important thing is that every accident, which is occurred on a street, is known as road accident and the charged claim is named as road accident claim.

Holiday Compensation

People try their level best to stay away from illness, especially if the holidays are spend abroad, but there few things, which are beyond their control. Holiday compensation is another way of asking claim for any bad incident that occurs during hotel stay. For instance, if a traveler has suffered financially, mentally and physically as a result of things like food poisoning and swimming pool, wet floor or hotel step slip, he is eligible of claiming holiday compensation.

In a country like United Kingdom, there are strong laws for both customer and traveler protection, and it is necessary that people are aware of their given rights. Besides claiming for misery and distress, one can also ask for the duration of vacations, which was spoiled due to the mishap, the future amounts, which one is not able to earn due to the disease or injury and for all other personal expenses. Further, a victim is also entitled for the mental and emotional sufferings caused to him and his family.

Other Possible Claims

Travelers are also protected through other laws and if required, they can ask for whiplash claim and holiday accident compensation as well. Whiplash is one such injury that can create some internal pains and injuries that are identified later. There are different periods of allotted time by law in different countries, during which such claim can be made. Whiplash injuries can be caused even by slight accidents from lorry or motorcycle.

All the accidents that hurt nerves, muscles and joints are known as whiplash injury and they come under whiplash claim. Further, it also covers the damages to the ligaments of the neck and collar. One needs to go through a series of widespread tests, prescribed by an authentic doctor. These tests show the real state of the ligaments, muscles, tendons, nerves, back and the spinal cord.

It is often heard that travelers are badly suffered due to the attack of drunken youth, gas leakage or in activities like mountain climbing, skiing and hiking. In all such events, where a traveler or any member of the family got sick or faced any injury, due to the wrongdoing or carelessness of a tour operator, hotel or any third-party, the victim has every right to go for a holiday compensation claim.

It is best to hire a lawyer and take legal action against the responsible. Although, it is not possible to bring the time back or compensate the actual loss, but a holiday compensation claim is capable enough to wipe some tears and balance the financial losses. Read more


Top 5 Places for a Luxury Holiday with the Family

Truly luxurious holidays are often thought of as the sole preserve of couples, while young adults party on the Spanish and Greek islands, and families reside in all-inclusive resorts with large pools to keep the kids occupied, couples enjoy the freedom to frolic in plush resorts, waited on hand and foot without the burden of having to look after children. This isn’t of course the reality, families with multiple young children can still enjoy a luxury holiday, it’s simply a case of picking the right resort that balances the needs of parents and children.

The caravan passes - Die Karawane zieht weiter
Luxury Family Holiday alles-schlumpf 

Here are five family friendly resorts;

Grand Weilea – Hawaii, USA

The U.S is well known as a great family holiday destination particularly due to the ubiquitous Disney Land resort, but there are plenty of other locations which offer kids a great time, including Hawaii. This island boasts great weather and a welcome change from Europe’s popular resorts.

For Kids

  • ·         Six Level Water park
  • · Sand Sculpting
  • Necklace making
  • Crab hunts

Princesa Yaiza – Lanzarote

This is widely regarded as one of the most luxurious resorts in Europe so the fact that it has such great credentials for families is perhaps surprising. Nestled on the 4th Largest Canary Island, Lanzarote, it’s located just off the coast of West Africa meaning it enjoys a warm climate all year round, making it perfect for families who perhaps want avoid the busy school holiday period.

For Kids

  • 4 different kids clubs offering activities for ages between 0-16
  • Activities include shows, crafts, treasure hunts, discos, football and watersports
  • Playstation3s in rooms
  • Kids fridges stocked with treats

Beaches Negril – Jamaica

Jamaica has a laid back vibe which alone makes it a great destination to take the family. Combine this with a stay at the Negril resort and the little (and big) ones will be in heaven. It’s close proximity to the beach also means very little walking and no sore feet!

For Kids

  • On-site water park
  • Self-serve ice cream
  • Reef snorkelling
  • Sesame Street characters to entertain
  • An under 21s nightclub

Hotel Savoy – Italy

The hotel Savoy is located in the fascinating beautiful city of Florence. The Northern Italian bastion of culture boasts centuries of history to discover, a multitude up upmarket fashion outlets and several must try local dishes, including traditional Florentine Pizza. While the Savoy makes a perfect base for mum and dad to go and explore the city, what makes it so special for the little ones?

For Kids

  • Free teddy bear on arrival
  • Bathrooms stocked with junior toiletries
  • Rooms have junior toiletries
  • Child friendly options at the restaurant

Sani Beach Club – Greece

Sani is a purpose built resort near Halkidiki in Greece, organised around a pristine beach and port area, the resort consists of four hotels, each with its own unique personality. The Sani beach club is widely regarded as the best for families with some great activities to keep the kids occupied.

For Kids

  • Crèche
  • Non-motorised watersports

—Joe is a travel writer and has enjoyed many luxury family holidays all over the world.


Ski in Style: Luxurious Les Deux Alpes

Whether you’re a frequent skier or a fledgling learning their first snow plough, it’s important to experience the slopes at their best. There’s nothing worse than learning to ski on snow that’s seen better days, or on slopes that don’t cater for your abilities. Opting for an outstanding resort, such as Les Deux Alpes in the French Alps means not only will you be partaking in one of their memorable luxury ski holidays but you’d also be sampling one of the very best resorts that the world has to offer.

[ white calm ]
ski in luxury[ changó ] 

It’s surprising how affordable Les Deux Alpes can be. When you think of upmarket resorts, you think of unnecessary expense that can be better spent elsewhere. However, if you research luxury ski packages online, you will see that it’s money well spent, nigh on guaranteeing an extraordinary Alpine vacation.

Located in the Isere department of France, Les Deux Alpes is nestled between the two villages that sit at either end of the plateau – Venosc and Mont-de-Lans. Offering approximately 137 miles of pisted runs, with many of the beginner and intermediate slopes being at higher altitudes, the resort appeals to both learners and experts alike, claiming to have as many off-piste runs as groomed ones.

Perfect for both skiers and snowboarders alike, Les Deux Alpes also offers a well-facilitated snowpark, including a half pipe, kickers, grinding rails and courses. The presence of the Glacier also offers year-round skiing to those brave enough to head to the ice during the summer months.

Hop aboard the Jandri Express for a visit to the glacier and enjoy the ice carvings in the grotto. Stop to absorb the breathtaking panoramic views whilst having a bite to eat. If you plan to dedicate your time to skiing or boarding, enrol on a 5 or 6 day clinic to perfect your skills, courtesy of the European Ski & Snowboard School.

For a ski holiday with style, opt for one of the chalets for an added personal touch. However you choose to spend your time in Les Deux Alpes, you’ll be sure to be satiated by the excellent standard of the resorts facilities. Book now to avoid disappointment.


What To Pack for a Tropical Vacation

Packing for a tropical vacation doesn’t have to be difficult, in fact, with every item you put into your suitcase, you are one step closer to having your feet in the sand! The good news for a tropical vacation is that you usually only have one type of weather to prepare for, which cuts down on the amount of things you need to pack considerably. But what exactly do you need to remember to pack for your vacation and what can you do without?

Sun Spotlight on Spring Water

Tropical VacationStorm Crypt 

First of all, rolling all of your clothes to save space and prevent wrinkling is a must when trying to avoid extra baggage fees on the airlines. For men, a few pairs of cotton, khaki or linen pants in addition to several pairs of shorts are good for day and nighttime use. Don’t bring any denim as it is heavy and doesn’t dry quickly in a moist humid environment. A few dry fit short sleeve shirts will do you well for day adventures and a long sleeve button up is prefect for dinners.  Don’t forget your bathing suit, but as luck would have it, your shorts can always double as a bathing suit in a pinch.

For ladies, it’s important to pack several bathing suits, because they don’t always dry overnight in the muggy climate. Nobody likes putting on a damp bathing suit in the morning! Modest bathing suit cover-ups are also suggested in most resort lobbies and elevators. Shorts and tank tops are appropriate for most site seeing tours, and sundresses are good for day and evening occasions. For evening or super air-conditioned hotels, bring a light sweater or jacket to make sure you stay warm indoors. Most tropical islands have an ultra-casual feel to them and this is certainly true with how people dress. Unless you have a fancy dinner planned that you know will require an evening gown and jewelry, leave that at home for another occasion. Read more