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Home or Away: Will You Have Your Wedding Abroad?

With the cost of the average British wedding now costing £18,000, it’s now more important than ever to ensure you have considered every choice and option available to you before your special day. You don’t want to look back on your wedding day and wish that you’d done something differently, and so the planning of your wedding can now be a very difficult job if you’re not sure where to begin.

Wedding Abroad

Wedding Abroad

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Five Clubs to Spot a Celebrity in London

With football stars, legendary musicians, and knighted actors, London has a reputation as a city buzzing with celebrities. But before you start fantasizing over impressing Chris Martin or Gwyneth Paltrow with your dancing skills, remember that you are in the original land of nobility. Stars in London are used to getting the ultimate royal treatment far from the prying eyes of the peasantry, which is why we are here to help.

London clubsfabbio / Foter / CC BY-SA

Because if you want your chance at a London celebrity sighting you better know where to go and be ready to look the part. So brush off that snazzy sports coat or make a shopping stop at Regent Street, because here are five exclusive clubs in London where you’ll have the best chance of finding your favorite celebrity.


Named after the king of cool himself, McQueen is an ultra-sleek nightclub and lounge in the Shoreditch neighborhood of London. Purple and blue hues pervade under the dim gold lighting while deep black leather banquettes and sofas balance the rooms. Three separate areas provide the power players and swank fashionistas with a place to eat, drink, and dance, but the masculine coolness of the venue is topped off with what goes on in the basement. Its Thursday night burlesque shows and late-night DJs are famous for inspiring the sort of antics that would have made the legend himself proud. McQueen, with its crafted cocktails, risqué environment, and trendy clientele, will be a likely place to spot a celebrity dressed to impress. You might even test out the inherited moves of Jade Jagger who’s been known to dance here from time to time – luckily you can do so with impunity as the rest of the crowds will be distracted by the cabaret.

The Cuckoo Club 

Deserving of its own Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous episode, The Cuckoo Club is where the city’s finest throw on their Louboutins and little black dresses for a night of glamour. Competing with clubs in LA for its constant celebrity sightings, the Cuckoo Club is a prime suspect for spotting stars looking to hit the dance floor. Make a reservation and arrive early to this lavish spot because the lines are guaranteed to be stiff. And keep your eye out for British and American royalty – both Prince Harry and Eva Longoria have been spotted here.

Shoreditch House

You might not look twice at this featureless four-story building, but within its upper three floors is an exquisite members-only club known for its celebrities, athletes, and affluent corporate-types that relax and socialize in its tranquil environment. By far, the highlight of the Shoreditch House is its rooftop. Perched on the roof are a restaurant/bar, a crystal blue pool, and even a Lazy Lawn – a garden area with lounge chairs and beds perfect for a sunny day tan while sipping on world-class cocktails. But if you aren’t a member, how do you get in? Well, tough luck Chuck. Just kidding, there is actually an adjacent hotel next door, and guests are welcome to use the club. So book yourself a room or be prepared to dish out a pretty penny if you want to muster up the courage to talk to Shoreditch House’s famous patrons like Mischa Barton, David Beckham, or Emma Watson.

Ministry of Sound

Known around the world as one of London’s top clubs, Ministry of Sound is the center of the trance and EDM universe. Some of the biggest DJs and electronic acts in the world have started out here. And with multiple DJ booths, colorful visuals, and an enormous sound system, Ministry of Sound has secured its reputation as London’s hottest club for the biggest names in electronic music like Tiësto, Erick Morillo, and David Guetta. Serious audiophiles will want to share in the multisensory experience that is The Box – Ministry of Sound’s soundproofed room with one of the best systems in the  country. If you can take a break from dancing, celebrity sightings are routine here and the chart-topping DJ Calvin Harris is a known regular.


Mahiki will be the best gamble for those looking to simply get hammered with some celebrities and have a rowdy good time. The Polynesia-inspired club has two things going for it. First off, you don’t have to be Prince Harry to get in – although he’s been known to stop by. Secondly, the place is known for turning into an animated blur of debauchery. The downstairs dance floor is alive on any day of the week and the ripe talent mixed with the South Pacific flair will have you dreaming about your own From Here to Eternity reenactment. The upstairs lounge, with its tropical décor, serves up fiery displays of entertainment – oh, and your cocktails will probably be on fire too. Everyone from David Hasselhoff to Rihanna has turned up here, so if celebrity sightings are your thing, be on the lookout at Mahiki. Read more


Top 8 Luxury Travel Items

Travelling can really be a pain and sometimes you just need to spoil yourself a little bit to travel comfortably. Although some of the below are quite pricey you can find same great luxury travel items at a lower rate and you probably can even find bargain.

luxury travel items
luxury travel itemsSweet Pea 0613 / Foter / CC BY-NC-ND

These luxury travel items

were created so that you can ignore any turbulence, noisy “neighbor”, make those weird seats comfy, and travel in style with your pooch.

  • Louis Vuitton Travel Luggage- At about $6,600 you can get an awesome Louis Vuitton luggage case that has the ever so famous LV on it. They can always be repaired at your nearest LV store incase anything happens to your luggage and they are very sturdy and usually come with interior tray and protective cover.
  • Sony Digital Noise Cancellation headphones- For $399.99 these headphones reduce up tp 99% of the annoying noise around you. Perfect for covering up the sounds of your plane, babies crying, bad plane movies, and to listen to some sweet music for relaxation.
  • Hibermate- For only $35 you can buy hibermate. It blocks out all light with no seepage from the sides or under your nose and the ear pillows reduce and absorb sounds waves to reduce noise up tp 50%. It allows those of you who need to catch up on those ZzZ’s let you do your thing on the flight.
  • Euro Ultra Slim Universal Power Adapter Kit- For $195 you can charge all of your electronics using a wall, automobile, or airline connection. The Universal kit from Tumi is lightweight and compact enough to fit in any purse, bag, or pocket. It works in the UK and Europe.
  • Tempur Pedic Travel Set – $379 goes a long way when it comes to your comfort. Tempurpedic has created a mattress overlay, a neck pillow, and a pull behind weatherproof bag to store it all. Now you can be extremely comfortable no matter where you’re travel or what class you were stuck with.
  • L’Occitane en Provence – Yes they have a travel kit. L’Occitane has some of the best smelling shampoo, soaps, shaving cream, etc that anyone can have. Each one is 3 oz or less to adhere to carry-on restrictions but its concentrated and gentle enough for you to use and feel great!
  • MontBlanc Passport Holder- Its imperative to keep your passport in a safe place and to protect it from damage. They created a luxurious passport holder that keeps your passport safe and easily recognizable. It features the MontBlanc logo on the outside and makes you feel even better about traveling when you pull it out to show your passport.
  • iPod/iPad- There is a variety of iPod/iPad’s to match your personality. You can download music, shows, books, games, etc. on it so that you can be entertained on your travel. Its great for kids too so that they have something to do and not bother you because they’re bored.

These luxury travel items are sure to make your flight a lot more comfortable whether you’re going on a short trip somewhere or a nice long flight… be comfy and enjoy! Read more


Five places to shop in London

London has long been part of a central axis of fashion and shopping alongside Paris and New York City. But unlike the other cities, the shopping scene in London is renowned for extending its scope beyond the tastes of the Blair Waldorf’s of the world. From high-end designer stores and boutique shops, to hip markets and bazaars, when it comes to things do to in London, shopping is a must.

Union Jack flags hanging in London's Regent Street to mark the Royal Wedding #
Oxford Street Londonraghavvidya / Foter / CC BY-NC-ND

Depending on your tastes and your budget, here are a few of the world-famous areas for those looking to fill their closets.

The Apple Market

Located right in the heart of the Covent Garden district – a district jam-packed with funky stores and constant entertainment – is the Apple market. Sometimes referred to as the Covent Garden market, it is an indoor swath of boutiques, specialty shops and jewelry stores, clothing stands, cafés, and bars. The market has a reputation for its authentic English feel and moderate prices. Every Monday, the market holds a Vintage day for those looking for unique items hard to come by anywhere else.

Portobello Road

Every Saturday, the Portobello Road Market takes over the entirety of Portobello Road, stretching over ten football fields in length, so visitors should be prepared for a marathon of shopping. The market, located in Notting Hill and most famous for its portrayal in the eponymous film, is actually the largest antiques market in the world. The street invites all walks of life, catering to everyone from tourists and locals to the most hardcore artifact-seekers. Vintage stores and cafés dominate the bottom of the hill, but as one heads further up the road, a younger vibe prevails as the stands transition into fashionable flea markets. Needless to say, your feet will be hurting by the time you’re done.

Regent Street

In the Mayfair/Knightsbridge districts of London is the crown jewel of ritzy shopping: Regent Street. Posh locals and affluent travellers patrol along Regent Street, fashioning tailored suits and handbags worth more than an old Fiat. Here you can step into designer stores and luxury boutiques to survey the latest fashion trends, and are guaranteed to feel in vogue with Regent Street purchases in your collection.

Oxford Street

Those looking for the latest fashions at more affordable prices know that there is no better destination than Oxford Street. Intersecting with Regent Street at what is known as Oxford Circus, Oxford Street is the home to stores like H&M, Niketown, and Kate Moss’s ultra-trendy Topshop. Here you’ll find younger crowds and college kids along with your run-of-the-mill tourists looking for a stylish something without having to worry about the price tag.

Camden Market

Many would argue that Camden Market is one of the best marketplaces in the world, and after one visit there you will be hard-pressed to disagree. Located in the über-hip Camden Town district, the local market certainly reflects its surroundings. It’s hard not to get lost within the sprawling clothing bazaars, handcrafted jewelry shops, independent market shoot-offs, bars, and restaurants, and if the shopping isn’t enough, tattoo parlors litter the walls along the buildings. For those looking for something a bit more vibrant, there is even an EDM (electronic dance music) store in the mix, full of neon clothes and glowing accessories, with its own bondage shop in the basement. The alternative clothing and overabundance of hipster attire for bargain prices should be enough incentive for any young traveller in the area to stop by. Needless to say, Camden Market attracts over a hundred thousand visitors every weekend during the summer. Read more


Luxury Orlando Trips

Not everybody’s idea of a luxury holiday is the same. Maybe you imagine staying in a glamorous hotel with first-class facilities and food. Maybe you’d enjoy relaxing at a spa with a full-day of beauty treatments. Or, you could prefer the idea of hitting the shops to overhaul your tired-looking wardrobe.

Sunrise Over the Grand Floridian

Luxury Orlando TripsSamantha Decker 

Whatever the activity, there are plenty of ways to add a little luxury to your Orlando holiday and this guide is here to show you how.

A Pampering Spa Package

A great way to ensure your vacation gets off to a luxurious start is to book in for a spa session. Orlando city has plenty of award-winning spas to choose from including top names like the Waldorf Astoria Orlando. You could pick a relaxing massage, work out your stresses using the state-of-art fitness equipment, or indulge in a full spa treatment package. The Ritz Carlton-Orlando Grande Lakes also has everything you could need for a relaxing break including spa packages for birthday girls, couples and even special treatments for teens and expectant mothers. There’s also a 4,000 feet heated pool to submerge in.


Take a drive just 15 minutes north of Orlando city and you’ll be in retail heaven. Winter Park is a little village full of chic restaurants, glitzy boutiques and high-end designer fashion stores. And, it makes for a relaxing shopping experience, strolling along palm tree-lined streets amongst the open-air cafes and gardens. The village even has its own annual fashion week in November with catwalk shows, after-parties and the opportunity to meet up-and-coming designers. There are some seriously pampered pets here too. You can pick up clothes, collars and grooming gear for your dog or cat at a number of pooch parlours and Pookie’s Pow Wow Bakery sells nutritious treats and organic food to keep pets in good health.

A Luxury Day Trip

Why not see Orlando from a different perspective with a sunrise hot air balloon ride? You’ll get an aerial view over the city’s spectacular theme parks and most rides are followed by a champagne buffet breakfast. Alternatively, you can venture out of the city by car to discover Florida’s premium wineries. Take a drive into the surrounding countryside and you’ll find Lakeridge Winery and Vineyards in Clermont just 25 miles from Orlando city. After your vineyard tour and wine-tasting you can splash out on some award-winning wines. Pick the right time to visit and you’ll be able to enjoy events such as Vintage Venture – a vintage car show with 50s and 60s music performed on the outdoor stage.

With a little extra planning you can soon turn your Orlando holiday into an unforgettable luxury break. Hire a car with Alamo direct from Orlando International Airport to make your hotel transfer and city travel a stress-free experience.


4 Most Luxury Yachts

Delight and happy feeling is just too close when I describe about yacht. My friends told me last night that Yacht is now a matter of vanity for fun lovers and has become must for those who have been out for a vacation.

Eclipse Yacht

Eclipse Yacht comes in the top graded Yacht. Construction value is the top most things that count here. It is the most expensive and most profound one accredited across. If you are genuinely planning for a week vacation and enjoyment, this is the most helpful among all. It includes bar, pool, theatre etc. The vessel is bullet and bomb proof. And to the best of it, if any internal catastrophe occurs, there are five exit ways. A Super yacht comes among the top considerations. It is known for concrete flooring and a luxurious bathing ambiance. Marble flooring, designer fitting and a staircase makes the living comfortable and exotic. This kind of Yacht has changed the whole concept of yacht servicing. Yacht Rental Dubai got rejuvenation after the utility of a Superyacht. It is the best made for the Mediterranean water. You indeed are going to experience a lot of fun here once you sail over the waters of Dubai in a privately rented yacht of your own.

Platinum 525

Platinum 525 is the most poignant and most famous yacht in Dubai. Its size is feet525 in length. It includes large air-conditioned rooms, luxury suits for passengers, swimming pools and spa centers. Four diesel engines are used to drive this giant yacht.

Pelorus Yacht

Pelorus Yacht means vastness. Designs and patterns are all of Russian style. Jet skies, helipads, meeting rooms, suites and swimming pools etc are all available here in Dubai. It is very fabulous for the creativity lovers. People love to be in this Yacht only because it is the most amazing one among all.

Dilbar Yacht

Dilbar Yacht is full of lights, glory and exotic appearance. The interior decoration is out of the box. The internal as well as the external look is superb. Yacht Charter in Dubai concept is added glorious gaze after the usage of Dilbar Yacht. Experience a sail through the Dubai waters over these yachts is all together a very different experience.

The days are gone when people just use to go out of the town and use to enjoy the scenes of natural elements. Now the concept of Tourism and the travelling has changed. More values and variations are added to make the life and tour amazing.

Author’s Bio: I am Nadia Quraishi, Team Lead at one of the leading Dubai based company which specialize in Boat Rental Dubai service. I am also a Web Enthusiast and blogger who love to write on travelling experience.


Shop Till You Drop (Literally) in Hanoi

Vietnam is a fascinating country, with plenty of natural wonders as well as cultural and historical sights to admire, but let’s face it: it has also become extremely popular as a shopper’s paradise, with many repeat travellers from Australia going there with one aim in mind: shopping. And with good reason, too – quality products, especially textiles and handcrafts are available here still at a fraction of the cost back home. Here are some of the unique shopping experiences and suggestions to be enjoyed in the consumer mecca that is Hanoi.

Shopping Etiquette

Bartering is obligatory and part of the culture, much like elsewhere in Asia, so it’s best to accept this and prepare accordingly. The phrases worth learning by heart include Bao nhiêu tian? (pron. bow nyu thien) and meaning ‘how much is this?’ and Dat quá (pron. daht quah) – ‘too expensive’.

Be extremely polite and smile a lot, but at the first price given act with horror and disbelief, uttering a couple of OMGs: “Oi Gioi Oi” (pron. oi zoy oi), thus breaking the ice and completely disarming the seller! The price should drop much quicker to reasonable heights after that (do not try to completely out-bargain the locals however, you’re there to help and support their economy, after all). Balance in all things is best, and usually the fair price for most products would be between 50 and 70 per cent of the initial asking price.

For Custom Quality Lovers

The lovers hand-made and unique attire make their annual pilgrimage to Hanoi’s favourite tailors on Hang Gai Street, to get their quality silk garments, suits and custom-designed and fitted shirts, dresses, skirts and everything else imaginable. Most garments can be ready within 24 hours as well! Stationery lovers will also enjoy this street, as it specialises in rice paper products as well, including paintings, cards, notebooks and even lovely lamps. Read more


Using A Luxury Travel Blog To Explore Karlovy Vary

A luxury travel blog can be a valuable source of information, especially when traveling out of the country. Blogs can offer insight into local culture and point you towards the not so well known areas where you can get an undiluted taste of local culture. If you’re considering a trip to Europe, but aren’t sure where to go yet, consider finding a blog that covers tourism in Karlovy Vary, Czech.

What You Should Know About Karlovy Vary

Karlovy Vary dates back to 1350, and was named after the Holy Roman Emperor, Charles IV. Charles proclaimed the healing and rejuvenation powers of Karlovy Vary’s hot springs, and it quickly became a popular destination for the wealthy and privileged. Until the early 20th century, Karlovy Vary was an extremely popular spa city, and was praised worldwide for its beauty and elegance. World War I marked a serious decline in Karlovy Vary’s tourism though, and it didn’t recover until after World War II.

Una visión HDR de Praga más dramática de la habitual...

Karlovy Varyjesuscm

Currently, Karlovy Vary is a popular destination for celebrities, as it hosts an annual film festival. While big name celebrities often choose other destinations, you may still see one or two faces that you’ll recognize. When you’re searching a luxury travel blog for tips on Karlovy Vary, you’ll probably see a few names you recognize associated with its tourism. Read more