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Moab Utah IS The Place To Be

Moab Utah – The Utah Society of Association Executives (USAE) meet at the Salt Lake City Hilton on November 17, 2009 for the Annual conference and Expo. Moab Utah will be exhibiting to announce Moab Utah for Meetings! This is destination news for Moab Utah.

Associations with huge membership will be well organizing a conference in a center like the Salt Lake Palace or similar national centers of vast space. Moab beckons to the Association board and committee members to enjoy a head clearing sojourn across the vast open land of Utah from the surrounding populated places to convene in Moab to undertake the ever important board needs of these important and outstanding associations of Utah and the American Nation.

A website,, is developed to display meeting facilities, catering services, event rentals and destination management services, as required. It is a great place for planning any kind of activity that your group is looking for.

And Moab is open all year round. Consider Moab even in winter. Moab is likely to be experiencing clear skies and incredible views. The meringue topping of the occasional snow in southeastern Utah sweetens the journey visually. The cobwebs of daily life are swept away and are replaced with fresh perspective and a fine mind set (free) to collaborate with your committee, be productive.


Planning a Utah Vacation

The state of Utah is full of destinations where you and your family can entertain yourselves and find adventure. The area’s terrain varies from city to city and place-to-place, so you can always find plenty of outdoor distractions.

The summer months are a time when the state comes alive. There are so many activities to participate in it may be difficult to choose.

Utah is known for some of the greatest hiking in its region of the country; the scenery is very picturesque and offers some great hiking trails. One of the best places to hike is Zion National Forest.

The red rock is beautiful and pristine, and adds a beautiful backdrop to canyon vistas. A very popular Zion hike is Angel’s Landing, which leads to one of the highest climbable points in the entire park.

This trip is not for the faint of heart; half of the trail is lined with a chain for grabbing and stabilizing. It thins down to a size that requires single file lines toward the top.

However, it is very safe, as long as you are paying close attention to the designated path and safety notifications along the way. Once hikers reach the top of Angel’s Landing, the challenge of the ascent becomes worth it.

It offers probably the most gorgeous view in all of Zion National Forest. This hike is best done in early summer, when temperatures have not yet reached high levels, but the snow has almost or completely melted.

Another area that offers plenty of trails is the Provo Canyon; this is the area where the famous Sundance Resort is located, for good reason. The scenery there is comparable to what one might find on a visit to the Swiss Alps.

There are beautiful, snow covered cascades and lush trees almost everywhere you look. One of the most popular hikes in this area is Mount Timpanogos.

This is another trip that is not for beginners; though it is about a moderate level of intensity, the ascent and descent together can often take an entire day. However, the views and scenery get more and more beautiful as one climbs.

Other gorgeous areas for this activity are Big and Little Cottonwood Canyon, which are located closer to Salt Lake City. The summer months are also a great time to boat on the many bodies of water available, including water skiing, tubing, wakeboarding, and wake surfing.

Utah is a rock climber’s paradise, and is known for some of the best routes on the west side of the United States. There are plenty of places to do so, but one of the most popular is Moab.

The rock found there is different than any other place in the state, and there are some really interesting and thrilling routes available for climbers of all different levels of experience. Those that wish to spend time in the outdoors, but are not big on danger or adventure, can take advantage of all that the City of Salt Lake has to offer.

Downtown is filled with beautiful historical sites and tons of places to shop. Outside festivals and concert series usually go on throughout the spring and summer months, so there is almost always something entertaining available for you or your family.

The city was founded by members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, or Mormons, and is the main headquarters for all of the administration that must be done. Because of this, there are plenty of beautiful buildings and interesting sites to visit.

Early members of the church built many of the architectural wonders of the city. Though summer time offers a great number of distractions, warm weather is not what this area is known for.

It is a prime location for skiers, snowboarders, and any number of winter athletes. Some of the best resorts in the country are located in Utah, right around the Salt Lake City area.

Resorts like Brighton, Alta, Snowbird, and Park City give winter enthusiasts a place to take part in their craft and view the lovely vistas that Utah has to offer. Those that visit may wish to stay in one of these resorts, or stay in a vacation rental or lodge up in the picturesque mountains.

No matter when you go or what you do there, the state of Utah is a great destination. With all of the excitement available, you may have a difficult time deciding what to do first!


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Travel In Style – The Ultimate Luxury Getaways


A captivating vision of blues and white, Greece and its islands are the perfect solution for a quintessential Mediterranean getaway for Read more


Top 10 Most Glamorous Spots in Singapore

Having just recently taken over Tokyo as the World’s most expensive city, Singapore is anything but short of luxurious locations to wine, dine and entertain.

The streets here are lined with deluxe penthouses, palatial hotels, lavish restaurants, classy office buildings and opulent department stores. Every which way you turn you’re greeted with style, elegance and beauty. Read more


The Cook Islands’ Finest Fine-Dining Restaurants

Fresh Pacific island produce, white sandy beaches, endless sunsets . . . fine dining in the Cook Islands is a mesmerising sensory experience. Holidays to the Cook Islands would not be complete without it. A variety of dining options is available, from authentic Italian to Pacific-inspired menus to international cuisine. Many of them come with idyllic locations or breathtaking coastal views. Read on to find out all about the best places to indulge.

Cook Islands Beach

Cook Islands

Windjammer Restaurant, Arorangi, Rarotonga

Windjammer Restaurant is the fine dining experience offered by the highly romantic Crown Beach Resort and Spa. Italian chef Mr Carlo Poli presents an authentic approach to the cuisine of his home country. Favourites include ristotto ai funghi porcini tartufati (Italian arborio rice with wild mushroom, champignon, parmesan cheese and optional black truffle oil), gamberoni grigliati con caponatin al balmsamico (grilled jumbo prawns with balsamic ratatouille) and frittura di calamari e gamberi con verdurine croccanti (deep-fried shrimps and calamari with crispy vegetables and a spicy sauce).

Starters range from $NZ9-16, mains from $NZ20-35 and desserts from $NZ8-11. The Windjammer is open every evening, with the exception of Tuesday, from 6pm.

Tamarind House, Rarotonga

Situated three minutes’ drive from Rarotonga’s capital, Avarua, Tamarind House, Rarotonga is an utterly gorgeous restored home dating back to the colonial era. Two-and-a-half acres of beautifully-kept gardens and lawn stretch to the beach, meaning that the fine dining experience includes some rather dreamy views of the distant Pacific horizon.

The menu is fresh and innovative, with a focus on Pacific influences and high-quality seasonal produce. Frequent changes mean that something new and exciting is always on offer. Sample dishes include supreme chicken breast with a mascarpone and toasted cashew nut stuffing with mango sauce, fresh seared tuna on a broccoli salad with wasabi hollandaise and pacific fish curry with tomatoes, cumin, coriander and coconut. Tamarind House is open Monday to Friday for coffee from 10am, Thursday to Friday for lunch, between 11.30am and 2.30pm and Monday to Saturday for dinner, from 6pm.

By the way, if you’re looking for someone to assist with booking a Cook Islands vacation, try ANZCRO. As specialists in South Pacific holidays, they know the place inside out.

Sails Restaurant, Muri Beach, Rarotonga

Another restaurant affording breathtaking views is Sails Restaurant. Situated on the water’s edge on Muri Lagoon it offers modern cuisine, informed by a daily catch of fresh fish and handpicked seasonal fruits and vegetables. The regular menu is kept interesting and dynamic via the ever-changing chef’s specials.

Sample dishes include pan-seared prawns on a salad of pawpaw, mint, lime and cucumber ribbons with chilli palm sugar syrup and coconut; Moana Nui Trio (three deep ocean fish on crushed roasted kumara with rukau and ratatouille; and Muri Renga chicken curry (creamy coconut curry with Rarotongan turmeric, steamed rice, poppadom, kai nave chutney and yoghurt. Breakfast ranges from $NZ16-24, lunch from $NZ16-31, starters from $17-19 and mains from $NZ23-35. Sails Restaurant is open seven days a week, from 8am until late.

Bord de mer à Rarotonga, Cook Island
Rarotonga, Cook IslandAirflore / / CC BY-NC-ND

Top Christmas Travel Destinations for Last Minute Luxury Escapes

As Christmas fast approaches, it’s not too late to book that dreamy, festive holiday you’ve yearned for all year. Here at Deal Zippy, there are enough daily deals to satisfy everyone with a luxurious range of last minute holiday deals around the UK or somewhere slightly more exotic. For those seeking the perfect last minute Christmas destination, here are a fair few ideas of where to go this festive season.


Glencoe, Scotland

It’s a wonderful time of the year to visit the quaint Scottish Highlands thanks to its breathtaking scenery and selection of charming cottage houses to really invoke that traditionally festive feel. Due to its northern climate, there’s always a great chance of snow, though it is not guaranteed, and can contribute to that perfect Christmas spirit you were seeking. With reasonable weather, the surroundings make it perfect for those who either wish to stay in and sit by the fire or for those who want to get out and remain active.

Barcelona Spain 2011

Barcelona, Spain

Branch out a little bit and enjoy a sunny and warm Christmas in the coastline metropolis that is Spain’s gorgeous Barcelona. Packed with extreme, fanatic culture and vibrant colours, Barcelona is definitely a hands-on city which will allow you to really enjoy a Christmas unlike any other you have experienced. There won’t be a white Christmas during your visit, but the traditional fiestas and street parties that go on during the holiday will be worth getting involved in and it’s likely you’ll pick up a fair few things on the market.

London, England

London, England

Sometimes the very best option is to stay at home and England’s eclectic capital city is the cream of the crop in that respect. With the bustling, crowded streets and shops lavishly decorated, the lights will instantly promote that perfect feeling and the sights and sounds of London are always worth a visit, from Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament to the gorgeous scent of Camden Market. With London promoting cheaper prices and great accommodation, there’s no reason not to look to the capital for a last minute, relaxing break.


Amsterdam, Netherlands

Great deals can be found for those who wish to just pop over the Channel to the Netherlands and enjoy a quaint, charming Christmas in mainland Europe. The Dutch go all out and the Christmas festivities usually start in mid-November so you can be sure that quite a party will be going on when you arrive. Amsterdam is not a large city but it is a very beautiful one, providing enough services and amenities for everyone this Christmas as well as being incredibly easy on the eye, enhancing the experience massively.