Essential Spring Watching Spots in the South-West

The South-West of England is home to some of the best scenes of natural beauty across the UK, and what better time is there to witness the wonders of the natural world than the springtime? If you’re a keen naturist and haven’t yet have the opportunity to experience what the South-West has to offer, try to get down this spring, and experience some of the following natural wonders.  Once you’ve been, you’ll go again and again.

South Sands, Salcombe, South Devon

Salcombe from Overbecks
Salcombe, South Devoniantherev / Foter / CC BY-NC-ND

One of the best things about the South-West region is that it has the whole spectrum of geographical environments that the UK has to offer, all crammed into one small space.  From breezy coastline, to bitter sweet cider orchards and long grass meadows, there’s something for everyone. In similar fashion to the Northumberland coastline, there’s a real rough, raw sense of unspoiled nature about the coastline on the South-West, and possibly one of the best examples of this is South Sands, a small, secret cove in Salcombe, South Devon. If you’re looking for unpopulated, wild ocean views, this is the perfect place to experience them.

The Twisted, Grand Scenery of the Bestraze Nature Reserve

Once you’ve had your fill of the Devon coastline, head to Cornwall and make the trip inland to Bestraze Nature Reserve.  There, you’ll be confronted by some of the grandest, most wild scenes of nature you’ve likely ever seen in across the British Isles.  Although Cornwall is most known for its coastline and seaside villages and towns, the Bestraze reserve is sure to change your preconceptions. Spanning 59 acres, you have the potential to see 4 types of amphibian, a large selection of birds (including reed bunting, cuckoo, willow warbler, kestrel and barn owl), up to 10 species of dragonfly and damsel, and 9 species of butterfly and moth.

Holywell Bay, Cornwall (2)
Cornwall Thomas Tolkien / Foter / CC BY

 Arne Nature Reserve Walkathon

Finally, if you go to the South West and don’t pursue a coastal walk then you’re missing what is likely to be the highlight of your trip.  A great place to start is Arne Nature Reserve, which sits just off the eastern fringe of mammoth Pool Harbour. Follow the route suggested by The Guardian which has a final destination of Shipstal Beach. It’s best to rest up before commencing on this walk, so staying overnight at a rustic Cornish cottage could make for a great base of operations. Throughout the walk, you’ll see the best of what Cornwall has to offer, with tidal islands, classic British woodland, and more, all teaming with life.

Porthcurno beach
Cornwall Tom Chambers / Foter / CC BY

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