Holidaying In The Big Apple

If you are looking to travel to the Big Apple, there are quite a few places that have been tagged as worth seeing. Head to the Empire State building for that panoramic view anyone can’t help but love. Enjoy the high speed lifts and if you like restored art; be sure to take in the lobby’s Art Deco design. Most New Yorkers think the Empire State building is a worthy destination for first timers.

New York Times Square at Night
Holidaying In The Big AppleWerner Kunz / Foter / CC BY-NC-SA

For lovers of slow, green afternoons, settle in at the Central Park for a leisurely afternoon of Sheep Meadow watching, Turtle pond gazing and probably pedalling through its Strawberry fields. You could also slide down Pilgrim Hill in the feathery white weather we all love (all things in moderation).

The Clock in Grand Central
Travel In The Big AppleWerner Kunz / Foter / CC BY-NC-SA

Lovers of Art may very well lose track of time and have to be reminded to leave while looking through the wonders of the Metropolitan Museum of Art on Fifth Avenue. Visitors usually need about a week to completely comb through all its well preserved antiques. Apart from the regular exhibits showcased at the Met daily, there are also some special shows orchestrated by the Metropolitan’s costume Institute. They sure make for a marvellous way to pass time.

'Standstill', United States, New York, New York City, East Village
Travel In The Big Apple in WinterWanderingtheWorld ( / Foter / CC BY-NC

Foodies are far from being left out when it comes to what the NYC has to offer. For a really, really good pastrami sandwich, try Katz Delicatessen at 205 E Houston Street. While it might not be the cheapest meal, folks say almost everyone gets more than one serving. Why not? Their Rye bread with its piled high soft, smoked meat and the right amount of mustard taste absolutely wonderful. Careful, you just might discover certain hidden gluttonous tendencies even if you’ve known yourself your whole life. You could also try the popular, couple run restaurant (owned by Rae and Noah Bernamoff) at Mile’s End for the delicious, smoked meat sandwich fully inspired by Montreal.

NYC - JFK Airport: TWA Flight Center
JFK Internationalwallyg / Foter / CC BY-NC-ND

The main international airport in New York is JFK International. More than 70 airlines operate out of JFK and you can find a full list here:

If you are flying in as an international tourist you will need to process and esta application. ESTA is the program set up by the US government to allow tourist to enter the US for 90 days with a visa waiver.

There are several option for travel into the city from the airport. There is the New York Air Train which takes around 50 minutes to get into Manhattan and costs around $7.50. Or you can take the New York subway. MTA fare is $2.50 (cash or MetroCard). An additional MetroCard fare of $5 is required to enter the AirTrain system.

If you love to laugh (who doesn’t?), then NYC is a great place to be. Try the Comedy Cellar or even the Caroline on Broadway. There are also several low key stand-up clubs in numerous nooks and crannies of the Big Apple for your laughing pleasure.

Lastly, see the stature of Liberty, NYC’s trademark anywhere in the world. If not for anything, so any time you see the popular trademark, you can proudly say, “I’ve been there!”


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