Kid-Friendly Paris: In and Around the Louvre

The Louvre can be the centerpiece of your Paris vacation with kids, or it can be a brief interlude before they indulge in a box of pastel-colored macarons. The Louvre has an entire kid-friendly aspect to its organized flow so that you can go and visit with ease. Depending on the amount of engagement your child has with the displays, the museum can become a focal point for building lasting memories of your trip.

Kid-Friendly Paris
Kid-Friendly ParisMohsan’ / Kids Photos / CC BY-NC-ND

Take Advantage of Kid-Friendly Tours

The Louvre knows that not everyone in a traveling party will have the same interests. When visiting a museum as comprehensive as the Louvre, the staff has the luxury of coming up with creative tours that can appeal to many different interests.

  • Buy tickets for a guided treasure hunt. These private tours can keep your children engaged as the tour encourages them to search for items in the museum as the tour goes along. At the end of the tour, they can find the “treasure.” This is a two-hour tour, which most people note online is a perfect amount of time for keeping the kids interested with the drama of the search.
  • Go traditional for a comprehensive tour. If your kids are older, the Louvre’s Masterpieces tour is the basic essential tour of the most famous pieces in its collection. You will not miss any of the museum’s highlights, and the tour runs twice a day.
  • Follow a theme: Since the Louvre has so much to see from different periods, you can organize your visit by themes offered by the museum:

Plan Ahead

The museum’s website may give you inspiration on how to get kids involved in the tours, and by reviewing the website your kids, you may get an idea of what would appeal to them in person on a walking tour. Here are some things to keep in mind before the trip.

  • Brace for waiting: Make sure someone in your party can stand in line for tickets before the Louvre opens. This process will take less time than waiting after crowds show up for day visits.
  • Consider an evening visit: If possible, a night visit may be more pleasing with fewer crowds and more time to linger in front of the museum’s most famous pieces, such as the Mona Lisa.
  • Purchase a Paris Museum Pass: Although more expensive, you can skip the ticket lines at the Louvre and go see additional museums, such as the nearby Musée d’Orsay.
  • Don’t plan a Tuesday visit: The Louvre is closed that day.

Final Thoughts

For traveling with little ones, don’t worry so much about a tantrum overtaking the mood of your surroundings. It’s the Louvre, not a library, and it is a loud place with lots of ambient noise. Remember it’s different from taking your kids to a road trip in Canada. A little one’s meltdown may go unnoticed by the majority of those around you. Remember that the museum’s outdoor fountain can be a relaxing place for a child to chase the pigeons and for you to unwind and observe the crowds.

For more insight, you can visit the Louvre’s official site to see current featured exhibits, or for more tips on visiting the museum and the surrounding area with children.


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