Making Memories with Kids on a Cruise

For many families, taking a cruise can be daunting when factoring in children. It can be intimidating to think of taking kids on a cruise where they are stationed in the same location for a few days or a week. Although many people are hesitant at the idea, all-inclusive cruises are great opportunities for children to have fun and experience more activities than a typical resort has to offer.

With Kids on a Cruise
With Kids on a Cruise Scott Ableman / Kids Photos / CC BY-NC-ND

With a few pointers, it’s easy to have a fun and relaxing trip for the whole family.


Make sure that the cruise you take has family-friendly food options for the kids. Although a seafood buffet might sound alluring for adults, there may be limited options available for the kids. Be sure to take a cruise that has food kids will love and have fun eating, with as many options as the adults have. Trying to get kids to be less picky is a great task for home, but won’t be as much fun on a cruise.

Tell Kids What to Expect 

You don’t want to arrive for your cruise only to have kids complaining that there’s not a movie theater or bowling ally on the ship. Research the amenities of the ship before booking it and sit down with your kids beforehand to help them know what to expect so they know what to look forward to. Get them excited about the options they’re going to have in terms of activities, and always have something for them to do. Instead of telling them no if they ask for something on the ship, give them other options that they can get excited about.

Consider Giving Kids Their Own Room 

For kids who are in their preteens, hanging out with Mom and Dad can limit their independence and make for a less enjoyable trip for everyone in the family. Don’t be afraid to book another room so the kids can have some of their own fun. This is only $400/day for an extra room and will allow the parents to have privacy without sharing living quarters with hyper kids.

Potty Train Kids 

If you bring a toddler onboard who is still in diapers, then you’ll be required to avoid many different pool activities. By potty training your children months before taking your trip, it will not only save you money in diapers, but will provide more activities for your child and will be easier for everyone in the family.

Pack a Few Toys 

Although there are often plenty of activities to keep your kids occupied for a full week on the ship, it’s still a good idea to pack a suitcase of toys so they can stay entertained when there are slow periods in the day. For kids, there is only so much to do in the room at night, so a suitcase of their favorite toys will make for a fun trip when other activities are not available. This also works on the flight over or when waiting for dinner to arrive. For the older kids, pack magazines, crossword puzzles, and board games that the whole family can participate in.

Cruises are great trips to bring children because of the amenities and activities available. Almost all the cruises are equipped with emergence room as well as professional medical personals. Having a proper insurance policy to cover your family especially when travelling with some health issue is essential. By staying prepared, your trip will be one you’ll remember for a lifetime.


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