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Top Christmas Travel Destinations for Last Minute Luxury Escapes

As Christmas fast approaches, it’s not too late to book that dreamy, festive holiday you’ve yearned for all year. Here at Deal Zippy, there are enough daily deals to satisfy everyone with a luxurious range of last minute holiday deals around the UK or somewhere slightly more exotic. For those seeking the perfect last minute Christmas destination, here are a fair few ideas of where to go this festive season.


Glencoe, Scotland

It’s a wonderful time of the year to visit the quaint Scottish Highlands thanks to its breathtaking scenery and selection of charming cottage houses to really invoke that traditionally festive feel. Due to its northern climate, there’s always a great chance of snow, though it is not guaranteed, and can contribute to that perfect Christmas spirit you were seeking. With reasonable weather, the surroundings make it perfect for those who either wish to stay in and sit by the fire or for those who want to get out and remain active.

Barcelona Spain 2011

Barcelona, Spain

Branch out a little bit and enjoy a sunny and warm Christmas in the coastline metropolis that is Spain’s gorgeous Barcelona. Packed with extreme, fanatic culture and vibrant colours, Barcelona is definitely a hands-on city which will allow you to really enjoy a Christmas unlike any other you have experienced. There won’t be a white Christmas during your visit, but the traditional fiestas and street parties that go on during the holiday will be worth getting involved in and it’s likely you’ll pick up a fair few things on the market.

London, England

London, England

Sometimes the very best option is to stay at home and England’s eclectic capital city is the cream of the crop in that respect. With the bustling, crowded streets and shops lavishly decorated, the lights will instantly promote that perfect feeling and the sights and sounds of London are always worth a visit, from Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament to the gorgeous scent of Camden Market. With London promoting cheaper prices and great accommodation, there’s no reason not to look to the capital for a last minute, relaxing break.


Amsterdam, Netherlands

Great deals can be found for those who wish to just pop over the Channel to the Netherlands and enjoy a quaint, charming Christmas in mainland Europe. The Dutch go all out and the Christmas festivities usually start in mid-November so you can be sure that quite a party will be going on when you arrive. Amsterdam is not a large city but it is a very beautiful one, providing enough services and amenities for everyone this Christmas as well as being incredibly easy on the eye, enhancing the experience massively.