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Enjoying the Luxurious Beaches in Israel

I remember taking a course in property investment. In the first lecture the lecturer extolled the virtues of, “Location, location, location.” He then followed up with something that is both apparent and, I believe, true. He stated that if you take almost any individual up in a helicopter and ride around for five minutes they will unanimously be able to tell you which areas contain the expensive real estate. Not that the lecturer mentioned this, however without a doubt beachside suburbs figure high on the list of desirable locations. And Israel is no different.

Luxurious Beaches in IsraelKenzoka / Beach Photos / CC BY-NC-SA

Israel is blessed with a magnificent coastline that runs along a substantial length of its eastern border. If you consider the Dead Sea and the Red Sea at Israel’s southern tip, this tiny country is blessed with a vast coastline that is conducive to its hot summers and mild winters.

Although Jerusalem is the official capital of Israel, there are many who will argue that the true capital is Tel Aviv. So, in a show of mutual respect – and given that there are no beaches in Jerusalem – we will start our beach crawl at Jerusalem Beach (Hof Yerushalayim) in Tel Aviv. This beach, across the road from the Abulafia bakery is one of Tel Aviv’s central beaches. It is not directly across the road from the five star hotels along Hayarkon Street so it is not too crowded but you still have the energy and vibe of Tel Aviv with the sparkling water and powder sand of the Mediterranean Sea that runs along Israel’s east.

It doesn’t take much to enjoy Jerusalem Beach, just pull up a towel or hire a sun lounge, grab some baked goods from across the road, order an ice coffee from the adjacent café and enjoy the view.  It really doesn’t get much better than this. Or does it?

A fifteen minute drive north from Tel Aviv and we arrive at prime Herzliya Pituach real estate. And why is it prime? Because it abuts some of the best beaches in Israel.

Herzliya, named after the founder of modern Zionism, Theodore Herzl, is home to many wealthy individuals and diplomats. It is a cosmopolitan city that attracts people from all over the world and the main attraction is the vast expanses of sand and crystal clear waters.

Once again, in Herzliya, a beachfront café is never more than a short walk away. At one end of the Herzliya Beach is Apollonia Beach – a narrow stretch of beach that runs between the ancient ruins of Apollonia and the sea. Check out the dramatic cliffs and the Gaudi inspired cave house and be amazed.

A ten minute drive north of Tel Aviv is Hof Tayo – Tayo Beach. Located in the city of Bat Yam (translation: Mermaid), Tayo Beach is a relatively newly developed beach with a restaurant and coffee houses a short walk up the decking.

Bat Yam may not be a suburb held in the same esteem as Herzliya but Tayo Beach is second to none. Once again, vast expanses of clean sand and water just waiting to be enjoyed.

So there you have it, three superb beaches each along the same coastline but each with a different aura, a stone’s throw away each other. And we haven’t even touched the surface of what Israel’s  beaces and what they have to offer.