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The Peak of Your Luxury Holiday

Tall Places You Should Visit

If you’ve had enough of beaches and holiday resorts, bring a little adventure to your next retreat. Mountains that are accessible by hiking provide some of the greatest getaways from city life and provide amazing sights.

Tall Luxury PlacesBurjDubaiHeight.svg 

Even if walking or mountain-climbing isn’t your thing, there are many places to get a fantastic view of what feels like the entire world.

Burj Khalifa

For those who don’t like climbing, taking a trip to the world’s tallest building is a breath-taking experience. Dubai claims the boasting rights for having built the worlds’ tallest building, standing at a staggering 808m/2,651ft. Whichever way you look at it, it’s tall.

Travelling to the top takes little time in the high-speed elevator, travelling at 10 metres a second. When at the top, take in the view of one of the world’s most rich and modern cities at the 360-degree observation deck.

Empire State Building

The Empire State Building is the third tallest in the US (only 15th in the world) but is as much an American cultural icon as the Statue Liberty. Not only is it the tallest building in New York, it is a great entertainment centre. Live music is available most evenings and you can even visit by night, as it is open until 2AM. The colours of the Empire State Building also change for milestones, charities and holidays across the world, so it’ll be a different colour every time you visit it.

London Millennium Eye

Opening in the year 2000, the London Eye is not necessarily a tall point in the world, but has made a significant impact on the skyline of London. Taking a trip on the Eye will take 30 minutes and have a variety of packages. You can go for just a standard ride, a guided tour of the great British skyline, or make an occasion of it with wine tasting or a champagne experience. To get a great view a great, influential city, take a trip on the London Eye.

Pilot Mountain

One of the most beautiful occurrences in nature is Pilot Mountain in Northern Carolina. The Big Pinnacle is easily recognised by its ‘lump’ shape on the skyline, with bare rock walls and topped by bountiful vegetation. Although you can’t visit Big Pinnacle, a paved road can take you to the park visitor centre. From here, trails can take you around the base of the Big Pinnacle, being able to take in the vast greenery and untouched countryside.


This is the hardest height on this list to conquer. Although no technical climbing skills or equipment is needed to climb this mountain, it is still no mean feat. To reach the top of the highest point in Africa requires a physically demanding walk, but it will be worth it. Once you reach the peak, you’ll be above the clouds and be able to see for miles. Reaching a point this high without the aid of an aeroplane is certainly holiday worthy.

These may not be the highest points in the world, but they’re accessible to most people. Some are built up and some are in the barren country, but all offer a view of the world that can’t be seen from the ground. There certainly is a magical experience to be shared when climbing to a tall point in a city or country.

Beth O’Brien is a Bournemouth University student, who’s passionate about technology and gaming.