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Peru: Five Attractions off the Beaten-Path

Travellers are always bragging about finding destinations and attractions that are off the beaten path. In fact, there seems to be some sort of underlying competition amongst globe-trotters to see who can veer the farthest away from the popular travel guides. In fact, some travellers will even stubbornly avoid the big-ticket sights and attractions just because they are popular and well-travelled. Can you imagine going to Egypt and not seeing the pyramids? Can you imagine booking a tour to Peru and not hiking to Machu Picchu?

Attractions off the Beaten-Path

At the same time, when you travel to a foreign country it is always nice to find things that you did not know about. Peru is a perfect example. While most people are familiar with Machu Picchu and the country’s pre-Columbian ruins, there is more to Peru than an archaeological holiday. Here are 5 attractions that you might not be aware of.

Maras and Moray

Maras is famous for its pre-Incan salt mines, and Moray is well known for its agricultural terraces. These cities are perfect for a quick day trip. Inquire about taking a hot air balloon ride over the Sacred Valley.

Now *This* is Mountain Biking

Biking is extremely popular in Peru and Ecuador. If you are feeling fit and adventurous, why not take a mountain bike tour? The bike route from Chinchero to Maras is popular.

Colourful Markets

Urcos is known for its colourful markets and pre-Inca Wari ruins. Where else can you shop and get a history lesson at the same time? Peru is known for its excellent arts and crafts. Weavers, woodworkers and silversmiths will all have their work on display.

Rafting and Riding

The landscape may be dotted with must-see archaeological ruins, but that does not mean you can’t enjoy some adventure sports too. The Urubamba River is a popular location for river rafting. If rafting is not your thing, then the Sacred Valley has numerous places to go horseback riding.

Fantastic Festivals

There are many festivals in Peru, so why not plan your South American tour around one of these annual events? In June, the town of Cusco holds the Inti Raymi Festival. The celebration lasts for a week. The festival of El Senor de los Temblores takes place in Lima a week before Easter, and it is a ritual that has been taking place in Peru since 1650 AD.

A Vibrant Nightlife

If you are looking for some traditional Peruvian nightlife, then attend a folkloric program. Dancing, music and authentic instruments will make the night vibrant and memorable. Read more