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A Thrill-Seekers Guide to Morocco

Morocco is a truly enchanting corner of the globe, full of endless surprises and breathtaking sights. However, for those who wish to do more than just admire the scenery, you may be surprised to learn that Morocco has plenty of ‘white knuckle’ potential for thrill seekers to enjoy too. Read more


Discover Marrakech With A Luxury Travel Forum

If you’ve been watching a luxury travel forum for a good place to visit, consider searching for one that covers vacationing in Marrakech. Located in Morocco, Marrakech is an oasis in a sea of sand and stone. Here you’ll find a little known paradise, both loved and appreciated by all who live there and all who visit. While you won’t find African safaris or pyramids in Marrakech, you will find a culture rich in history and pride, and teeming with luxury and serenity.

A Brief History Of Marrakech

Founded in 1062, Marrakech was circled with pink and red walls for the sole purpose of defense under the guidance of Youssef Ibn Tachfin. This is also the year he commissioned the building of the Ben Youssef Mosque, which became the first of many.

Dieu, Patrie et Roi

Discover Marrakech Nwardez 

Marrakech quickly became a cultural center and became well known for its commercialism and religion. Abdel Moumen took Marrakech in 1147 to become the ruling power and begin the Almohad Dynasty. It was during this time that the city had a veritable golden era of intellect and art. This era ended in 1269 when the city was again taken by the Merinids and slowed the march of progress in Marrakech. The 16th century marked the end of this period however, when the Saadians came to power. These rulers built the palaces that are a major source of tourism today. In the 17th century, the Alwites gained power and Marrakech lost its title as capitol. After the French protectorate of 1912, Marrakech was governed by Pasha El Glaoui.


Watch your luxury travel forums for mention of luxury hotels in Marrakech. You’ll likely find mention of the Kasbah Tamadot. Perched atop the Atlas mountains, this luxurious accommodation will likely become your favorite part of the vacation. With its intriguing staircases and divine luxury, this resort offers a luxury not often found in any other part of the world. With a phenomenal spa service and five star cuisine, this luxury hotel will amaze and delight you from the moment you enter the wooden doors until the moment you exit.

You may also find mention of the Palais Namaskar in your research. This luxury resort is nestled amidst Balinese gardens and has a distinctly Feng Shui design. With its glorious cascading waters, this resort will likely ruin forever any other luxury accommodation you view. Featuring Jacuzzis, private pools, and butler service, you’ll want for nothing in this amazing resort that is a destination in itself.

Koutoubia Mosque

The Koutoubia mosque towers above Marrakesh and is surrounded by beautiful gardens that are the pride of the Muslin population. Built inj the 12th century, Koutoubia Mosque is the largest Mosque in Karrabech, reaching 230 feet in its tallest tower. Though non-Muslims cannot enter the Mosque, it’s still a remarkable sight to see. You can tour the gardens and revel in the majesty of its lovingly tended foliage. Consider also visiting the gardens at night, as the Mosque is well lit, even in the gardens. Though luxury travel forums covering the Mosque will likely be oriented towards Muslims who can enter, it’s still a sight worth seeing.

While Marrakech may be a difficult destination for travelers on a budget, it’s certainly worth the effort to find good travel deals to visit. Consult a wide variety of luxury travel forums to find the best deal, and the best time of year to go. You’ll likely find a great deal of information that can help you take the vacation of a lifetime. Even those on a strained budget will appreciate the history and beauty of Marrakech.