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New Year’s Eve in Sydney: An Experience of a Lifetime

If you’re determined to make the most of your New Year’s Eve celebrations this year, then a trip away might be the solution. There are literally hundreds of destinations worldwide that would provide you with a suitable setting to see in the New Year, one however stands head and shoulders above the rest. Sydney, Australia has now been a popular destination for tourists looking to observe the New Year festivities in the best way possible. Due to the time zone its situated in, Sydney is one of the first major cities in the world to ring in the New Year every January 1st and its stunning beaches, vibrant nightlife and breath-taking architecture are what make it such a perfect setting for the annual celebrations.

NYE in Sydney, Australia
New Year’s Eve in Sydney*vlad* / Foter / CC BY-NC

So if you’d like to head to Sydney to see in the New Year, where are the best spots to take in the festivities?

An Event for Everyone

There are seperate New Year’s parties held in almost every park and open space in Sydney. What’s better still is that most of the events are free, so you won’t expect to pay exorbitant entry fees once you decide on a spot to spend the night. Some parks are designated no-alcohol areas, which you might want to consider if you’re going to be taking young children with you and would rather they weren’t exposed to any possible drunken behaviour. If you’re likely to want a drink, there are also plenty of parks which offer a bring your own policy, meaning budget-conscious revellers can enjoy their New Year’s Eve without worrying about how much their celebrations are costing them.

A Fireworks Spectacular

The signature of the Sydney New Year’s Eve Party is its colossal midnight fireworks display, which announces to the world that this year’s celebrations have begun. Known as one of the most spectacular in the world, the display takes place in Sydney Harbour and gets bigger and better every year. All the parties that were previously mentioned are organised in parks that a specifically chosen for their prime locations, where you will be given a guaranteed unimpeded view of the display. You can even check what your view from each individual park will be like on the official Sydney New Year’s Eve website. If you could attend any fireworks display in the world this New Year’s, you won’t find anything quite like what Sydney has to offer.

Entertainment Galore

Sydney tries to cater for absolutely everyone on New Year’s Eve, so it’s no surprise that the city puts on a varied and exciting line-up of entertainment on the big night so that everyone goes home with smiles on their faces. The events start in the late afternoon and this year revellers will be able to catch an aeronautical acrobatics display, a traditional Aboriginal smoking ceremony, where the harbour will be blessed with coloured smoke to ward away evil spirits. As if that wasn’t all, the city also put on a family fireworks display at 9pm, so families with small children will be able to get a taste of the fireworks before they have to take the kids home to bed. Read more