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What To Pack for a Tropical Vacation

Packing for a tropical vacation doesn’t have to be difficult, in fact, with every item you put into your suitcase, you are one step closer to having your feet in the sand! The good news for a tropical vacation is that you usually only have one type of weather to prepare for, which cuts down on the amount of things you need to pack considerably. But what exactly do you need to remember to pack for your vacation and what can you do without?

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First of all, rolling all of your clothes to save space and prevent wrinkling is a must when trying to avoid extra baggage fees on the airlines. For men, a few pairs of cotton, khaki or linen pants in addition to several pairs of shorts are good for day and nighttime use. Don’t bring any denim as it is heavy and doesn’t dry quickly in a moist humid environment. A few dry fit short sleeve shirts will do you well for day adventures and a long sleeve button up is prefect for dinners.  Don’t forget your bathing suit, but as luck would have it, your shorts can always double as a bathing suit in a pinch.

For ladies, it’s important to pack several bathing suits, because they don’t always dry overnight in the muggy climate. Nobody likes putting on a damp bathing suit in the morning! Modest bathing suit cover-ups are also suggested in most resort lobbies and elevators. Shorts and tank tops are appropriate for most site seeing tours, and sundresses are good for day and evening occasions. For evening or super air-conditioned hotels, bring a light sweater or jacket to make sure you stay warm indoors. Most tropical islands have an ultra-casual feel to them and this is certainly true with how people dress. Unless you have a fancy dinner planned that you know will require an evening gown and jewelry, leave that at home for another occasion. Read more