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Luxury Myrtle Beach Travel

Myrtle Beach is known as a family vacation destination, but there is a luxurious side of Myrtle Beach that can be found by going just a bit off the beaten track.

Family walking in great sunset - Myrtle Beach State Park
Myrtle BeachRyan Smith Photography / Foter / CC BY-NC-ND

Here are some of the most luxurious things to do in Myrtle Beach:


Myrtle Beach has some world class golf courses and if you enjoy the game you should be sure to make that a part of your trip. Make sure to give the Love Course at the Barefoot Resort at try, as well as The Dunes Club.


While we’re on the subject of golf, one of the most luxurious places to eat in Myrtle Beach is the result of the efforts of pro-golfer Greg Norma. Greg Norman’s Australian Grille serves up high-end Australian food, with a fun mixture of “surf” options like fried calamari and scallops, as well as “turf” options like a Brisbane filet mignon. Greg Norman’s is also located on the lake at Barefoot Landing, which offers great views and lots of shopping options.

Or, if you prefer to stay close to the heart of Myrtle Beach, The Library, in downtown Myrtle Beach is one of the best dining options around. The Library offers tableside service for several entrees and a flambé dessert.


The SkyWheel is a pretty new Myrtle Beach attraction and offers amazing views of Myrtle Beach. A VIP box doubles that experience with an extended ride on the wheel so you can be sure to see everything you want to see from far above the ocean AND has glass floors so your view won’t be obstructed in any way. A nighttime flight is also a great idea for a romantic date.

The Beach

If you’re visiting Myrtle Beach, obviously one of the things you’ll probably want to do is spend some time in the ocean and soaking up some sun. But that can be a bit difficult to do on the main beaches in Myrtle Beach, since there are several thousand families doing the exact same thing. But if you travel a bit further north you can enjoy the wide beaches of North Myrtle Beach or if you travel a bit further south to Pawleys Island, you can enjoy the small island town’s quiet beach, as well as take in fantastic views. Read more


Top 5 Holiday Destinations and Attractions in Barbados

With its brilliant seaside views, lush tropical scenery and distinct culture, Barbados is the perfect place for a fun and memorable holiday. From bustling cities to colourful villages, breath-taking beaches to vibrant nightlife spots, this island has something for everyone.

Green Back Turtle, West Coast Barbados
Green Back Turtle, West Coast BarbadosTarikB 

Be sure to check out these top 5 attractions, destinations and activities while on holiday to beautiful Barbados.


The historic and colourful capital city of Barbados, Bridgetown offers much for holidaymakers to see and do. Its streets are packed with authentic Caribbean restaurants and cafes while fine shops and retail outlets abound. It is also filled with some of the top nightlife spots in the Caribbean.

The top attractions in Bridgetown include the intriguing Barbados Museum, a cultural institution that offers a personal look at the island’s history and culture, and the beautiful St. Mary’s Church, an elegant church that dates back to 1827. The Careenage, a historic port district, now plays host to a vast array of shops, restaurants and trendy boutiques to enjoy. Another top activity in Bridgetown is the Mount Gay Rum Distillery Tour. For authentic Barbados culture, Bridgetown is always the place to go.

Western Barbados

Known for its stunning beaches, majestic sunsets and warm tropical breezes, Western Barbados is the perfect place for a leisurely holiday. Its world-class beaches offer plenty of opportunities for kayaking, swimming, surfing, boating, sailing, fishing, water sports, sunbathing and much more. Just wandering along its elegant beaches is an unforgettable experience.

In addition to its world-renowned beaches and unmatched recreational activities, Western Barbados offers cultural landmarks such as the Holetown Monument and the St. James Parish Church, shopping in Holetown and Speightstown and a wealth of restaurants and pubs to discover. The village of Holetown itself is a great place to explore the island’s heritage and early history.

Southern Barbados

This idyllic region boasts miles of golden beaches and quaint seaside villages to explore. Quiet and leisurely, Southern Barbados is a prime spot to relax and unwind. Activities here include surfing, swimming, fishing, sailing and water sports of every type. This region also offers some of the best seafood on the entire island.

Central and Eastern Barbados

Rugged yet beautiful, this largely undeveloped region is filled with many of Barbados’ natural wonders and treasures. The area offers an abundance of hiking and biking paths as well as gorgeous beaches to explore. Top attractions include Harrison’s Cave, a breath-taking crystallised limestone cave, as well as the Gun Hill Signal Station, home to some of the most spectacular views on the island.

Flower Forest

Located in the heart of the island, this wondrous botanical garden hosts a wealth of local flora and fauna, all set amongst the natural beauty of Barbados. To see some truly remarkable natural beauty and Barbados in its most pristine state, a visit to Flower Forest is a must. Read more


Tweet to Stay: How to Use Twitter to Plan Your Vacation

Twitter is a great way to connect with friends and family and learn more about your favorite brands and celebrities. But there’s one thing that Twitter is also great for that most people don’t realize—planning vacations.

Freedom Flying Threw Our Wings (HDR)
Tweet for TravelKuzeytac 

That’s right.  Some people have realized that using Twitter will not only help them plan a vacation, but help them save money too. Here’s how.

Follow the airlines.

Most airlines are on Twitter, and most of them will send out deals to their Twitter followers before making them available to the public. Being able to go to one location to see what all the airlines are offering is also much better than reading through newsletters or visiting the airline’s website or other sites like Orbitz or Travelocity. United Airlines (@UnitedAirlines) offers “twares” to their followers, which are special deals that they only give out via Twitter. American Airlines (@AmericanAir) also sends out plenty of airline package deals through Twitter too. Even Priceline (@TheNegotiator) is on Twitter.

Follow the hotels.

Like airlines, hotels are also on Twitter providing their following with special rates on lodging. Most hotel chains like The Best Western (@TheBestWestern), Motel6 (@motel6) and Holiday Inn (@HolidayInn) are on Twitter providing deals to their followers, but you can always look to see if other hotels or rental agencies that interest you are on Twitter too to help you find the best deal.

Follow the experts.

You can always learn something about traveling from the travel experts. Frommers (@Frommers) is a good travel source for you to follow on Twitter. They may discuss a destination that you didn’t know existed, which may lead you to vacationing there. They may also post pictures that intrigue you or help you learn about things to do in the area of your vacation.

Search your destination.

Twitter Search is a great tool to use while planning a vacation. You can enter in the destination of your vacation and see what others are saying about it. This is a great way to learn about attractions or restaurants to visit in the area, and it can also help you learn about places to stay away from. For example, if you notice that many people on Twitter talk about how dirty one beach was, you know not to waste your time heading to that beach while on vacation.

Search the attractions.

If you plan on attending a certain festival or visiting a certain restaurant while on vacation, make sure to search for these on Twitter too. You may be able to follow the restaurant and earn yourself a great deal, and you may be able to learn tips and tricks on how to best visit the festival.

Tweet while you’re there.

Once your vacation is planned through Twitter, don’t give up on the social network. Stay active on Twitter, especially when you’re on your vacation, and tweet about your experiences. Your hotel may see you tweeting about their facility and give you an upgrade just for the mention. Restaurants may thank you for dining by giving you a free dessert or other perk. And certain attractions may offer you a free ticket. Companies are using Twitter to learn who is visiting their establishments and to thank them for their visit, so keep on tweeting.

The next time you plan a family vacation, make sure to check out all that Twitter has to offer you. You can easily plan your entire vacation in one place, and you may even snag some of the best deals out there.

Julie Myers is a travel agent and avid writer.  She is currently learning Spanish with Glovico.