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A captivating vision of blues and white, Greece and its islands are the perfect solution for a quintessential Mediterranean getaway for a fabulous luxury holiday. It boasts of abundant sunshine, glittering beaches lapped by sparkling clear waters, luxury hotels and laid-back island lifestyle. There is a lot on the plate for the cultural traveler with ancient ruins, sleepy fishing villages and the vibrant capital of Greece, Athens on the mainland.

Travel In Style

Travel In Style

With over 6000 islands, it is difficult to choose the ideal one for luxury holidays. Santorini is famous for its magical sunsets and elegant boutique hotels, Mykonos offers a throbbing nightlife and picturesque villages and Crete is renowned for its isolated coves and fascinating historical sites.  Some of the lesser visited islands include Spetses  which boasts of pine clad hills, crystal clear waters and secluded bays which are among Greece’s most sought after natural hideaways. At every turn, Greece is awash with luxuries from chic restaurants to luxury yachts.


Maldives is a tropical paradise offering pristine sandy beaches, warm waters teeming with colored tropical fish, lush palm trees that rustle in a gentle breeze and of course the luxurious overwater villas. It is the perfect destination to get away from it all and simply unwind in its exotic atmosphere.

Luxury over water villas offer more than just comfort away from home. They are exclusive and private, away from prying eyes. They have large windows that give you fantastic views of the sea and beyond, glass floors to give you under water action and private pools. The over water villas are fully serviced and with perfect timing the butler replenishes you with cold drinks and snacks.

Over water villas in Maldives are ideal for families, couples or friends seeking to enjoy holidays in style in some of the unique holiday accommodations ever. The islands of the Maldives are stunningly beautiful and there is a lot to keep you busy such as diving, swimming and the world’s first underwater nightclub.


Sri Lanka is a captivating destination for holidays, it boasts of beautiful beaches, charming history, friendly local population and some of the world’s most varied wildlife. Sri Lanka is now even easier to get around due to modern developments. With all the developments, new collections of Boutique hotels have appeared. New regions have also opened to tourism making it a superb getaway destination to explore new heights.

The cultural Triangle is enchanting with ancient Buddhist temples, the staggering Sigiriya rock and the Ritigala Mountain. Kandy is Sri Lanka’s last royal capital that retains vibrancy and serene charm. Galle is a region that offers Dutch colonial architecture and a 17th century fort. Sri Lanka’s National Parks are home to the highest number of leopards and an astounding abundance of wildlife.

Sri Lanka offers enough attractions to last a lifetime and after a long day exploring the magical inland, the beaches offer a relaxing atmosphere to sunbathe as the world goes by.


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